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Family Medicine Can Treat a Wide Range of Conditions

Family physicians are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and building a personal relationship with each patient to focus on integrated care. Unlike specialists or organ-specific doctors, family physicians have a breadth of knowledge that allows the to treat and diagnose a wide range of illnesses or diseases in patients of all ages. Dr. Andrea Neita practices family medicine in Columbus, GA, with compassion, professionalism, and genuine care to keep you and your family’s health at its highest potential. Her extensive training gives her the ability to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage almost any condition for your entire family. 

Dr. Neita with a patient
Family physicians are dedicated to providing comprehensive care and building a personal relationship with each patient to focus on integrated care.

Why Should I See a Family Physician?

Family physicians provide comprehensive care for your entire family, eliminating the need to see multiple doctors. Dr. Neita can look at your physical and psychological symptoms as well as your medical history and environmental factors to diagnose and treat various illnesses and diseases. By looking at the whole picture, she can find and treat the underlying cause, rather than just treating the symptoms.

When you regularly see Dr. Neita, she can become familiar with you and your medical and family history. This familiarity allows her to provide you with preventative measures for diseases or conditions that may run in your family such as heart disease or diabetes. As she builds a personal relationship with you, she will be able to recognize changes in your physical or mental health, which may signal to her a more serious underlying problem.

Treatment and Management of Illnesses and Diseases

Dr. Neita is capable of diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Psychological disorders
  • Hypertension
  • Obesity
  • Rheumatologic disorders
  • Orthopedic injuries

While Dr. Neita’s primary goal is to prevent conditions from developing, regular visits can allow for an early diagnosis, resulting in simpler treatment and management. Her patient plans are individualized to meet your specific needs. Although many conditions can be improved and managed with lifestyle changes, this alone may not be appropriate for everyone. Dr. Neita will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that is sustainable for you to improve and maintain your health.

Primary Care Services Offered by Dr. Neita

Dr. Neita provides pediatric care and general adult medicine. She can provide guidance on necessary  immunizations based on the phase of the life cycle, treatments for acute illnesses such as the flu or the common cold, in addition to chronic disease management and other primary care services. She also provides further services to maintain and improve the health of all your family members.

Geriatric Care

Dr. Neita provides her senior patients with post-hospital and post-nursing facility care with regular follow-ups. She also works with patients to minimize the use of multiple drugs for one condition, also known as poly-pharmacy, which is common with elderly patients. This usually occurs when someone sees many specalists and no one is monitoring what the other doctor has done. By reducing a patient’s number of medications, dangerous drug-drug interactions and unpleasant side effects can be avoided. Dr. Neita also evaluates medications that a patient is currently taking before prescribing a new medication to eliminate providing treatment of a side effect of another prescription.

"Dr. Neita will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that is sustainable for you to improve and maintain your health."

Women's Health

Dr. Neita provides patients with regular pap smears and other annual gynecological services. She also offers family planning services and early prenatal care. Dr. Neita and her team can provide patients with a referral to an experienced obstetrician for more specialized care.

Receive Treatment for Your Family

It is beneficial to see a family physician on a regular basis so that they become familiar with your health. If you are in need of a family physician for yourself or your family, contact our office today to schedule your appointment.

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