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Receive Personalized, Effective Diabetes Management

With assistance from the right doctor, diabetes is a very manageable condition. Dr. Andrea Neita is a physician who can provide comprehensive diabetes management to patients in Columbus, GA. With her professional guidance you can more effectively keep your symptoms under control. Dr. Neita’s goal in managing your diabetes is to restore your carbohydrate metabolism to a more normal state and to help you maintain that state, finding the right balance to achieve optimal health. 

Managing Your Diabetes with Dr. Neita

Dr. Neita’s aim is to help you effectively manage your diabetes to optimize your health and improve your quality of life. Dr. Neita can provide you with the tools you need to manage your diabetes, including medication, diet and exercise tips, and educational materials. Your treatment will be individualized based on the duration of your diabetes, your age, co-morbidities, cardiovascular,  macrovascular and microvascular disease manifestations.

Medication Management

To help restore your carbohydrate metabolism to a near normal state, most patients with absolute insulin deficiency will require insulin replacement therapy, which is typically provided through injections or an insulin pump. Oral medications are also available to help you manage your diabetes. Dr. Neita will work closely with you to find the right combination of medication that works to improve and maintain your health.

"Diagnosing diabetes as early as possible and seeing Dr. Neita on a regular basis is the best way to effectively manage your diabetes and prevent more serious complications."

Diet and Exercise

While medication is often necessary for diabetes, diet and exercise play an integral role in the management of this disease and improving and maintaining your overall health. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains is often recommended. Cutting back or eliminating saturated fats, trans fats, sodium, cholesterol, and refined carbohydrates is also usually necessary. Daily exercise is also recommended to help control your blood sugar. Your diet and exercise routine will be closely monitored by Dr. Neita to prevent any complications.

Education and Self-Management

Dr. Neita can educate you about diabetes to ensure you understand the disease process and how your actions can affect your health. She will give you the tools you need to achieve and maintain your optimal health, allowing you to take responsibility for your health.

If diet and exercise combined with medication are not effective in managing your diabetes, Dr. Neita may refer you to an Endocrinologist (a diabetes specialist) who can discuss more advanced management techniques with you.

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Diet and exercise play an integral role in the management of diabetes.

Risks of Letting Your Diabetes Go Untreated

The early signs of diabetes are easy to ignore: increased thirst and hunger, frequent urination, weight loss, fatigue, blurry vision, frequent infections, sores that take a long time to heal, and darkened patches of skin. Many of these symptoms can be attributed to a wide variety of other health conditions, or could even be stress related. It is important to see a doctor if you experience these symptoms for an extended period of time. Leaving your diabetes untreated can result in serious health complications, including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Cataracts or glaucoma
  • Nerve damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Hearing loss
  • Poor circulation resulting in damage to extremities and potential need for amputation
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Premature death

Diagnosing your diabetes as early as possible and seeing Dr. Neita on a regular basis is the best way to effectively manage your diabetes and prevent more serious complications.

Protect Your Health

If you have diabetes, or are exhibiting any of the symptoms of diabetes, contact our office today to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. Neita. She can provide compassionate care that focuses on maintaining your health.

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