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Our brochure can familiarize you with helpful information regarding services, hours, and location information, as well as a recent local news article featuring Dr. Neita's new family medicine practice. Current patients may access our patient portal to request appointments and complete patient forms.

About Our Practice

The team at Pinnacle Family Medicine believe in offering health management solutions that help patients achieve better lives through a holistic, comprehensive approach. Dr. Andrea Neita is a highly trained doctor in Columbus, GA, who offers osteopathic manipulative therapy, diabetes, hypertension, asthma and lipid management, and general and family health solutions that can guide you and your family to healthier and happier lives. She strives to address all health concerns at their root instead of simply treating symptoms. Download our patient brochure to learn more. 

Dr. Andrea Neita

Dr. Neita is an osteopathic doctor who focuses on diabetes management and general medicine. Her education allows her to combine non-invasive treatment methods with traditional medicine approaches for more effective treatment. 

Dr. Neita treats and heals the entire patient, not just their symptoms. She believes in offering holistic healing solutions that allow her patients to lead healthy, productive lives. Dr. Neita designs healing plans that enable her patients to fully optimize their health so their immune systems can maintain a healthy body in a much easier, less strenuous fashion. She is a compassionate and empathetic doctor who believes in establishing trusting relationships with her patients for the most productive and helpful doctor-patient relationship. 

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I went to Dr. Neita after seeing another doctor who recommended that "we wait and see" how I do over the weekend. I wasn't doing good. I went to her and was feeling like a new woman by the time I left her office.

actual patient

Achieve Your Optimal Health

Photo of a blood sugar testerDiabetes

Diabetes is a chronic but manageable condition that can result in too much sugar in the bloodstream, leading to further health problems. Dr. Neita offers comprehensive diabetes management solutions that can allow you to maintain stable blood glucose levels, as well as an overall improvement in your quality of life. 

Photo of two hands giving a massageOMT

OMT, or osteopathic manipulative therapy, is a type of medicine in which doctors use massage and manipulative techniques to treat and diagnose certain medical conditions. Dr. Neita understands the limits of the body, and is gentle in her approach. She considers all aspects of your medical history and current situation to help you attain better health. 

Photo of Dr. Neita with a patientGeneral Medicine

Dr. Neita practices general medicine, and can treat, diagnose, and prevent common diseases using internal medicine techniques and supplements. Her many years of experience allow her to effectively educate you about your condition. She offers consulting and care for conditions regarding rheumatology, orthopaedics, and hypertension. 

all treatment areas

We want to provide the widest range of care possible, which is why we also offer specialized care for women's health, and a full spectrum of weight management treatments and consultations. Dr. Neita cares about your health, even after you leave her office. Her care can provide healing from the inside out to help ensure that your organs function to their full potential, which allows you to achieve complete health and wellness. Dr. Neita and her team at Pinnacle Family Medicine provide continuing care to ensure that you and your family maintain the healthiest lives possible. 

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Dr.Neita is the most thorough doctor that I have ever been to in my life. I have and will continue to recommend her to my family and friends.

actual patient


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Columbus, GA 31901

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